Are you looking for a way to identify communication priorities within your organization, or for your client? If so, then this questionnaire might help you to get started.

Copied below is a list of interview questions, please feel free to customize for your own needs.

Questions to ask:

  • Question #1

    In your own opinion, what are our current organizational strengths and weaknesses in terms of communications?

  • Question #2

    How do you find the communications process now? What’s working, what’s not, and what needs improvement?

  • Question #3

    What areas do you feel we are lacking in? Example: Media Training, Social Media, Administration, General Communications Training, Quick Reference Guides, etc.

  • Question #4

    What is your vision for how “the company” should be communicating?

  • Question #5

    What communication resources do you already have? Are there any skills that you feel we are not currently leveraging from you or your team?

  • Question #6

    Are there areas of communication that interest you, or would you like to improve in certain areas?

  • Question #7

    How can the “I” or “the communications department” help you in your day-to-day work? What would be most beneficial? What is your biggest headache?

  • Question #8

    Would access to more tools be helpful? Example: A list of key messages you can re-use again and again, style guides, or an emergency/media response guide etc.

  • Question #9

    Do you understand the need for varied messaging when dealing with different audiences?

  • Question #10

    Do you feel your current web/online strategy is working? If not, what’s missing?

  • Question #11

    In your own opinion, what are your greatest opportunities in terms of communications, both internally and externally?

  • Question #12

    Are the current methods you are using to communicate working? How could they be more effective? Example: Using online newsletters, social media, surveys etc.

  • Question #13

    What are your companies greatest threats, are they internal, external? What role can communications play to mitigate these threats?

  • Question #14

    In your opinion, how would you rate the public perception of your organization?

  • Question #15

    Are communication resources easy to find? Would it be helpful to have more information available online, or does the current file system work well?