We produced a quick tutorial on how to upload a GIF to Instagram. To achieve this goal we are going to convert the file to a video format.

Video Transcript:

Hi Everyone – I am Brian Gilbank from Mirror Communications.

Today, I am going to show you how to upload a GIF to Instagram.

Currently, uploading GIF’s to Instagram is not possible, so we are going to covert this GIF file to a video format using Premiere Pro.

Now that Premiere pro is open, let’s import the GIF and take a look. If you don’t have Premiere Pro, you could use Final Cut Pro on a Mac or a free online converter. You could also giphy.com; however since we don’t want to create an account we are going to use Premiere.

As you can see this GIF file is only about two seconds in length. To increase the length, I am simply going to re-import the file again.

Now were up to 4 seconds, which is much better.

Now that we have the desired length, I am simply going to export the media file. I am going to save it to my desktop, and ensure that maximum render quality is checked.

Now that we have the file on our desktop, we can simply email the video to our smartphone or upload it to iCloud, or Google photos if have an Android phone.

Now let’s check out the final product.

And through the miracle of television, the video has already been uploaded to Instagram. Everything is looking great.

Thanks for checking out our video on how to post a GIF to Instagram.